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5 Super Interior Designing Tricks for Your Home

Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent in Hertfordshire, you must know the importance of Interior designing. The art of designing the home interiors is much more than painting and choosing furniture. A premium quality interior designing brings charm and enhances the aesthetics of any house. It also boosts the overall sale value of your property. The professional interior designers in Hertfordshire can use their creativity and experience to make even a small space appealing and beautiful. They follow and apply many tricks to work on every little corner of your home. In this blog, we will be learning few of these handy tricks.

Hang artwork at the right height

Most people hang artwork on walls too high. Place a piece, so its bottom is only around 3-8 inches above furniture. Put the large pieces little lower, and the small pieces should be kept slightly higher. When there’s too much space between furniture and painting, the eye rests on the blank wall between the two art pieces.

Rearrange the bookshelves

Organize 60% of books vertically and 40% horizontally on the bookshelves. This trick creates balance yet spontaneity. It also shows off the back of the bookshelf if it’s lined with a decorative fabric pattern. Stack horizontal books quite lower than vertical ones: If the vertical books are around 12 inches tall, place 3-4 books horizontally up to 4 inches high. Add a small green plant to soften the bookshelf, but avoid flowers, which might look cluttered and distracting.

Create space with the right mirror placement

What is the best placement of mirrors on the wall? Centred at about 57 inches high, experts say. This is a natural, strain-free eye level for most people. To create the illusion of more space, mount a mirror opposite a window to bounce light.

Place a rug based on its size

The size of the rug for under the coffee table will dictate how well you arrange furniture around it. With an 8x10 foot rug, situate the sofa and any chairs so that the front legs of each are on the rug, but the back legs are not. With a 5x8 foot rug, keep the sofa completely off, but still place the front legs of the chairs on it. In a big family room, use two rugs to create two separate living areas.

Measure dining tables before you buy

Make sure your dining table is wider than 36 inches. This offers sufficient space to eat, even when the centre of the table is filled with serving dishes and centrepieces. Falling short on space? Consider a roundtable. It fits fine into a small corner and, without edges, allows more eating space.

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